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Restoration Way

~ restoring lives to full potential
This website is part of a vision which will be operational by 2024. As it grows, so the website will grow. Please be patient.

Vision Statement

The vision of Restoration Way is to restore lives by bringing dreams to life  * by using a community working together to house the homeless and
* by providing professional counselling and a range of facilities to give
  them the opportunity of being trained in areas of interest so that they may
  enter again into society as valuable and successful contributors to the

Mission Statement

To have a positive impact on the community in the Peel district in order to change the culture and reputation of the area into one of positivity and prosperity by providing a safe place in which the lives of those who are hurting and in need are changed so that they are empowered to dream big and realise that their dreams are achievable if they really want to achieve them.

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